Lubavitch Junior Girls School


Early Years Foundation Stage

Welcome to the LMAT Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) for children who are 3-5 years old.

EYFS provides children with the building blocks for positive life-long learning.

It is a very important part of your child’s school journey as it helps them to get ready for school, as well as preparing them for their future learning and successes. From when your child is born, up until the age of 5, their early years’ experience should be happy, active, exciting, fun and secure; and support their development, care and learning needs.

At LMAT we provide a broad and balanced curriculum and strive to achieve high academic standards for all children. We believe this is best achieved through teaching that is engaging, innovative and personalised to each child’s needs in a high quality and stimulating, playful environment, supported by an adult in small groups.



Nursery is fully integrated and the children are learning through the 7 areas of development: PSED, CL, PD, Literacy, Maths, Understanding of the world and expressive arts and design. The children are given an introduction to the Alef beis through games and revision. They decorate each letter and create a special alef beis book to go home with at their ‘end of year Alef Beis Siyum ‘. Children also learn all aboutthe sedra, yomtovim and special Lubavitch dates. This is done through stories, role play, arts and crafts songs and more.....

The children learn to recognise their name ‘kodesh and chol’ and experiment with mark-making which leads to using these skills to write their names as well.

Nursery start the day with learning through play, davening, fruit and vegetable/milk time, lunch and have after noon snack time with plenty of fresh air in the state of art playground. The have opportunities to use bikes and balancing equipment as well. The Nursery children are privileged to join in with P.E. lessons from a qualified company and use these skills in their daily interactions and play. The children come to school happy and leave with a huge smile communicating with their families how much they have achieved in the week. They go home in their special Shabbos bag with a sedra craft, sedra sheet, special interactive alef beis booklet and photos of their week.


Any questions about the Nursery please feel free to contact:

Mrs Natalie Hilton 



Pupils start reception in September once they are four years old. Parents and carers must apply for reception through their local borough.

The reception school day is from 8.40 am to 4.25pm, and an earlier end on Fridays in winter, in line with the rest of the school.

Pupils are all entitled to universal infant free school meals from reception until the end of year 2 and to free milk until they reach five years old, at which point parents have the option to purchase milk for their child. 



If you would like to discuss any aspect of our nursery or about the application process, please do not hesitate to reply to the admissions officer, Mrs Poolat, at