Lubavitch Girls School




The school’s educational philosophy is based on the teaching of the Lubavitcher Rebbe,
Rabbi MM Schneerson OBM, who has developed the principles of the Lubavitch Foundation.

The school provides a broad and balanced education based on these principles combined
with the National Curriculum.
Priority in admission will be given to children who are Jewish according to Halochah (Jewish Practice).

The School is a one form entry school and will admit 30 children to the reception class each
year in accordance with Hackney Learning Trust’s scheme for the coordination of admission to reception class. Attendance in the nursery does not guarantee admission to the reception class.

Applications for admission to the reception class must be submitted to the applicant’s Home Local Authority Application Form. Applicants wishing to be considered under priorities 1 to 4 and 6 should also complete a Supplementary Information Form. This form is available from the school and Hackney Learning Trust.

Download the Application Form - School Application Form

Hackney School's Admissions and Transfers - Hackney Application Guides and Information


If there are more applications than places available the Governing Body will admit pupils in
accordance with specified oversubscription criteria in priority order.

1. Orthodox Jewish Looked After* Girls or Orthodox Jewish Looked After Girls who were previously looked after but immediately after being looked after became subject to an adoption, residence, or special guardianship order.
2. Orthodox Jewish girls with a sister** living at the same address who is currently on roll at the school and who will continue to be on the roll after the proposed admission.
3. Orthodox Jewish girls with a brother/sister** living at the same address who is currently on the roll at Lubavitch Junior Boys' School or Lubavitch House School (Senior Girls) and who will continue to be on roll after the proposed admission.
4. Other Orthodox Jewish girls.
5. Other Looked After girls or girls who were previously looked after but immediately after being looked after became subject to an adoption, residence or special guardianship order.
6. Other Jewish girls.
7. Other girls.

*A looked after child is a child who is (a) in the care of the local authority, or (b) being
provided with accommodation by a local authority in the exercise of their social services
functions (see definition in Section 22(1) of the Children Act 1989.

**This includes half brothers and sisters, step brothers and sisters and foster brothers and sisters who live permanently at the same address.
In the event of there being insufficient vacancies to admit all applicants in any of the
categories detailed above, priority will be given to pupils living nearest to the school’s main entrance measured in a straight line. For the purpose of calculating distances, the home address is identified by using the property geographical references as determined by the Borough Council in which the child lives. In the case of a number of addresses in a block with the same geographical references or two children living exactly the same distance, the children’s ranking will be determined by lottery, which will be carried out in the presence of an independent witness.

Twins/Children of multiple births
If only one place is available for more than one child, who are twins or of multiple births within the same family, the Trustees will establish if the school is able to admit above numbers. If this is not possible, the allocation of the place will be determined by a lottery which will be carried out in the presence of an independent witness.

Waiting List
The school maintains a waiting list. Children are ranked on the waiting list in accordance with the oversubscription criteria set out above. The list will be maintained until the end of the Autumn Term.

Deferred entry
Parents can request that the date their child is admitted to the school is deferred until later in the academic year or until the term in which the child reaches compulsory school age. Parents can also request that their child takes up a part-time place until the child reaches compulsory school age.

In-Year Admissions
Applications for In-Year Admissions should be made on the Home Local Authority’s in-year application form. Applicants wishing to be considered under priorities 1 to 4 and 6 should also complete a Supplementary Information Form. This form is available from the school and Hackney Learning Trust. If a place is available and there is no waiting list then the Governing Body will inform the parent that a place can be offered. If more applications are received than there are places available then applicants will be ranked by the Governing Body in accordance with the oversubscription criteria set out above.

Unsuccessful applicants will be offered the opportunity of being placed on the waiting list. The waiting list will be maintained by the Trustees in the order of the oversubscription criteria. Names are removed from the list at the end of each school year. When a place becomes available, the Trustees will offer the place to the parents of the child first on the list in accordance with the oversubscription criteria.

Right of Appeal
Applicants refused a place in the reception or any other class have the right to appeal against the decision to an independent appeal panel. An appeal form is obtainable from the school or Hackney Learning Trust. The appeal form should be completed and returned to the school within 20 school days following the receipt of the letter confirming that the application was unsuccessful.

Fair Access Protocol
The school is committed to taking its share of vulnerable pupils in accordance the Hackney


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