Lubavitch Junior Girls School


Every student from Year 3-6 in Lubavitch Junior Girls' School has the amazing opportunity to join in Tzivos Hashem!

The Chayolei Tzivos Hashem is an amazing world wide programme designed to encourage children to act in a Torah way while having great fun at the same time. Each week children receive a personalized mission sheet along with a weekly magazine, Hachayol, which is enjoyed by the whole family.

In Lubavitch Junior Girls' School girls participate and enjoy many special activities throughout the year as well as having the opportunity to watch and star in the monthly  web-rally. Girls receive medals, are promoted and can win prizes during the year. 

If your daughter is in Tzivos Hashem you can access your daughter's missions by clicking on the link below: 

What the girls at Lubavitch Junior Girls' School say about the program:

"Tzivos Hashem makes me feel proud to be Jewish. It is so much fun to tick of missions and know I am doing Mitzvahs. I go every Friday to an old age home and give out Shabbos candles." Tzivie Year 3. 

"I wait eagerly for the rallies each month. I love to be seen on it when I get promoted." Talia Year 4.

"When I became a Captain, it was a big accomplishment, I felt so happy. I now say the whole Tehillim on Shabbos  Mevorchim!" Chaya Mushka Year 5.

"I worked so hard to complete my missions and I am so happy I moved up rank and won a weekly prize." Rivki Year 3.

"For 3 months running, our entire class said their quota of tehillim on Shabbos Mevorchim" Mussie Year 4.