Lubavitch Junior Girls School

School Council

The School Council:

Our School Council have the important job of seeking the views of all pupils and sharing them with members of the Senior Leadership Team. They meet with the Head of School fortnightly and make suggestions for school improvement. There is a lovely discussion that usually ends in a lively debate or a constructive discussion. 


In order to become a school councillor, children had to submit a written application form; successful applicants were then invited to make a speech to their peers, who elected a class representative.



Head Girl: Shira W

My name is Shira and I am so proud to represent the school as Head Girl. I was honoured to be chosen and I’m looking forward to helping the school grow and develop this year. 

Deputy Head Girl: Naamah K


School Councillors:

Year 6: Mushka C & Sarah K

Year 5: Shaina K

Year 4: Hinda B

Year 3: Tamara N